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Executive Director

Cam has been living and serving in the Nicholtown community for 8 years with his wife, Joy and their three kids (MJ, Zion, and Catalina). Originally from the Cleveland area in Ohio, Cam moved to Greenville in 2012 to join the pastoral team at Summit Church. 

He and Joy founded the ministry of Eleos in April of 2016, in partnership with the Phillis Wheatley Community Center. In January 2020 Cam helped form Lead Collective to unite and expand the ministries of Eleos, and GOAT (a sister ministry here in Greenville). Cam serves as the full-time Executive Director of Lead Collective.

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Family Services Coordinator

Joy was born in Queens, raised in Reading, PA. She sprinted her way through college on the Cedarville University Track & Field team and graduated with an Exercise Science degree. Joy and her husband Cameron were married in 2013 and started their lives together in Nicholtown and shortly after, founded Eleos Ministry.  Joy is an extrovert and spends her time going on adventures with Cam and their three kids, teaching group exercise classes at active living communities, gardening, playing sports, meeting new neighbors, encouraging others to live healthy, active lifestyles, and traveling to see her siblings. For Eleos, Joy will continue to connect our student families and neighbors with local organizations to improve their circumstances and provide opportunities to flourish. She's passionate about creating community and building relationships with neighbors and her hope is to reveal the need for Jesus in every aspect of life.

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REACHProgram Director

Terrell Hagood was born and raised in Greenville, SC where he has lived for 44 years. Determined to make a difference in the lives of people he comes in contact with, Terrell pursues his passion for change. As an agent for change, Terrell combats the challenges that young men and women face. Having overcome obstacles in his life, he believes "Passion Precedes the Promise.” Terrell's motto is, "We cannot build the future for the youth unless we build the youth for the future.”Terrell is diligent to bring about change in the lives of young men and women alike. He has been an active Life Coach since 2018 and has worked with the Greenville County Department of Juvenile Justice, Gravity (gang reduction and violence intervention targeting youth) and Greenville County Schools. As a Life Coach, he focused on the “Now” of the students and strategized a plan to move them to their “Next.” Terrell's aim with every student is to focus the attention of the each student on their set goals and devise a plan of execution to bring about the desired results

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Eleos Program Director

Grace Bridger was born and raised in Greenville, SC! She attended Wade Hampton High School and North Greenville University. She was introduced to the non-profit world in 2017 through Mill Village Farms & became our Program Director in the fall of 2019! Anyone who knows Grace knows she loves to throw a party & one of her favorite Éleos memories definitely goes to show it: “Our first annual Christmas party in 2019 was a BLAST – over 40 students, volunteers and family members came!” When Grace isn’t hanging out with our students, she loves spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether it is on a backpacking trip or a picnic in the park.

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Director of Operations

Kenny G is a retired Air Force officer who has spent his 21 year career in Communications and Information career field and landed in Powdersville SC in 2009 with his late wife Sherry and two boys, Drake and Miles. After retirement, Kenny has been dedicated in supporting at risk students through his church and community.  He spent 4 years on staff with Grace PVL as minister to guests and leading the men's program.  He also landed a position with the Frazee Center to expand and grow the existing Mentor Greenville program.  He helped expanded the program to become what is now known as Mentor Upstate which encompasses much of the Upstate.  He has a passion to serve and lead.  He enjoys helping organizations become more efficient and effective through use of technology and automation.  His hobbies include martial arts, swimming, hunting and  meeting new people.  

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Eleos Program Manager

Zoe Oliphant is a native of Greenville, SC. She is a 2017 graduate of Riverside High School. She is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at the University of South Carolina Upstate. GO SPARTANS! She became our Program Coordinator in the summer of 2021 and she is excited to be a part of the ministry. Zoe believes that with a balance of education, exposure, and awareness of one's God-given potential can direct them into a bright future.  When asked why she's excited to be a part of Eleos she said, "We are impacting lives and the community one day at a time, one step at a time. Jesus did not ask us to save, he told us to serve. He told us to LOVE."  When Zoe is not with our students, she enjoys spending time with her family. 

corbin Hogue.jpeg

Leadership Development Director

Corbin is a Gaffney native & is married with three incredible sons! He has a passion to see the gospel lived out in the city. His ultimate goal is to see bridges being built, walls torn down, and unity displayed. Corbin has served in ministry for over 10 years in South Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio. When asked why he’s excited to be a part of éleos he says “I’m excited because we have the opportunity to pour into the next generation. We are serving the future leaders of this world - that’s a huge responsibility and honor.” When Corbin has free time he loves to spend it with his wife and children!


Chief of Staff

Jenny has called Greenville home for the past 11 years with her husband, Scott, and 2 children, Grace and TJ.  Originally from Jacksonville, Fl, Jenny moved to Alabama where she received a Bachelor's degree from Samford University in Biology, and a Masters degree from the University of South Alabama in Business Administration . After 8 years in the corporate world of sales, management, and business consulting, she has spent most of her time dedicating her energies to growing her family and serving in the community in different capacities.  Prior to coming on board with LEAD Collective as Chief of Staff, Jenny served as the Grants Manager for Homes of Hope.

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GOAT Program Director

Abbey is a native of Greenville, SC. She is a graduate of Wade Hampton High School and North Greenville University. During her time at North Greenville, she studied Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. In 2021 she had the opportunity to be a summer guide with G.O.A.T. This opportunity grew her love for working with students in the outdoors. Since then she has had the opportunity to assist in coaching a climbing team in Greenville and volunteer with Eleos. Abbey enjoys climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and running. Abbey’s favorite places to climb outdoors include the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and Hidden Valley in Virginia. One of Abbey’s favorite things in life is learning new outdoor skills with friends and getting to educate others around her so they can also enjoy new experiences in the outdoors. 

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Creative Director

I am so glad to be in this position. Looking back, some of my favorite memories growing up revolve around GOAT Trips. Slamming breakfast burritos covered in hot sauce before mountain biking in Pisgah National Forest, stargazing on top of Little Green in Panthertown Valley, and making dozens of lunches in GOAT's kitchen were some of my favorite things ever. The fact that  I have the opportunity to provide similar experiences for similar students is so exciting and so incredible. 

Staff Headshots_0003_Eleos Headshots 2023024.jpg

Events Coordinator

Keitt was born and raised here in Greenville, SC. She attended St. Joseph’s Catholic High School and graduated from Clemson University with her bachelor’s in Marketing in 2016. Since graduating, Keitt has worked with students in a variety of capacities. Her goal is to help other students come to know the love of Jesus. Before coming to LEAD, Keitt worked at her high school alma mater running student events. She loves sharing the heart of an organization through events so other people can be inspired and join the good work that is happening!  In her free time, Keitt loves to spend time with her sweet husband, Kent and their baby boy, Chrisitan. She also enjoys cooking a yummy meal, reading a good book, working out, and cheering on the Tigers!


Eleos Program Coordinator

Jaden was born and raised in Greenville, SC. He moved to the Nicholtown community in 2016 and started going to éleos as a student playing basketball at open gym. From 2016-2018 he was a student, and after finishing school he became a mentor at Eeos for 1 year. He then moved to Dallas, GA, and started driving trucks. Over time, he realized this wasn't his passion, and that his passion was to help youth develop into great leaders. In 2023 he moved back to Greenville, SC, and joined the Eleos team. Jaden also has a wife and 3 amazing kids. He enjoys playing basketball with the students and hanging out.

Staff Headshots_0000_Eleos Headshots 2023032.jpg

Office Manager

Taylor was born and raised in Greenville and is a student at Limestone University. At thirty-one, Taylor describes herself as taking an untraditional path through life. After giving her life to Christ in 2018, she found a new purpose in serving others and sharing how Jesus had saved her. Taylor joined our team as an intern, but quickly knew that she wanted to be with us long term. God clearly agreed, as Taylor accepted a position as our office manager only one month later. Taylor says, “I feel so blessed that God brought me to Lead and I can’t wait to see how He uses me to serve, love, and grow his kingdom”. Taylor continues her internship with our Eleos and Reach ministries and is set to graduate in December of 2023 with her Bachelor of Social Work. 


GOAT Youth Director

Julian is from New York but was raised in Gaffney, South Carolina, he has called Greenville home for the past five years. His world revolves around his beloved wife, Meldrika, with whom he shares five blissful years of marriage and their cherished daughter, Gianna. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Julian holds a major in Business and a minor in Performing Arts. With a solid foundation of 10 years in sales and leadership, he has successfully managed one of the largest insurance brokerage agencies spanning eight states along the East Coast. Julian's passion for authenticity and creativity is evident not only in his professional endeavors but also in his seven years of professional performance and dance. Since 2015, he has dedicated his time to volunteering in various ministry organizations, driven by his deep empathy for people and his unwavering belief in the limitless opportunities life offers. Julian fervently believes in spreading hope, particularly through his faith in Jesus, to those who may feel lost or hopeless, aspiring to empower the next generation to realize their potential and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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