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Lead Collective exists to equip and elevate leaders in the way of Jesus, from historically under-resourced communities in Greenville, SC. 



The only way to truly understand the needs of an individual or a community is through trusted friendships formed over time. All of our ministries rely heavily upon relationships as we pursue holistic transformation in the lives and communities where we serve.


We want to honor the worth and value of every person we serve because we believe every one of us has been made in God’s image. Dignity is a gift from God etched in our DNA. We want that conviction to be reinforced in every part of our ministry. 


As people made in God’s image, we are all full of God-given potential. We were made with the incredible capacity to create, serve, and change the world. All true transformation takes place when we discover and lean into that reality!


We acknowledge the sobering reality that our country’s history is marked by injustice both personally and structurally. We recognize that the individuals and communities we serve did not become under-resourced in a vacuum. We are committed to pursuing just social structures that uphold the transformation taking place in the lives of individuals we serve.

Cultivating Leaders.

Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution but furthest from the resources.” This is not original to us, but we’ve gladly adopted it. Leadership development is the cornerstone of all sustainable ministry. We desire to raise up leaders from the communities we serve and to equip them to join us in our mission “according to God’s vision for renewal.”



1220b Laurens Rd. Greenville SC 29607

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