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Thank you for helping make the mission of Lead Collective possible! With your help we're able to equip and elevate youth leaders in the way of Jesus.

Our ministries are all highly relational, and require holistic on-going services to be successful. Generational transformation is time-consuming and costly, but it's an investment that ultimately outlasts us. In order to provide these kinds of on-going services, and never turn a student away because of a lack of funding, we need monthly financial support. Our goal is to fund 50% of our programs through monthly support. 

When you support Lead Collective, you are supporting the engine that works behind the scenes to make GOAT, Reach, and Eleos Ministry possible. Our Collective ministry model allows us to pursue excellence in our programs, while sharing the burden of our overhead costs between three ministries. We are better together! Generous, monthly support makes that possible.

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