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Thank you for helping make the mission of Lead Collective possible! With your help we're able to equip and elevate youth leaders in the way of Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to a generous supporter (who wishes to remain anonymous) we've been presented with a unique opportunity this holiday season: If we can raise $1,650 in pledged monthly giving by December 31st (which = $20,000 given over the course of a year) this will be matched with a one time gift of $20,000!


You can join our monthly support team beginning at $5 per month! Every dollar counts, and this year it counts for double!

Each button below represents a monthly commitment. We say this often, but the faithful, generous giving of our monthly donors fuels our work day in and day out. Each of you plays a critical role in our mission to equip and elevate the next generation of leaders!

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